The Smok Alien 220W Kit Review

What’s great is this starter kit comes with virtually everything that you will need to get started vaping . In the box  is one Smok Alien 220 mod device, a TFV8 Baby Tank, a USB cable that is used for firmware upgrades, a replacement glass tube, a few spare parts, and the always welcomed users-manual. This device comes with a V8 Baby Q2 Core that has dual coils pre-installed. In the package is an additional V8 Baby T8 Core with octuple coils. You can pick one up not at

The measurements of this mod are 85mm by 44mm by 28.4 mm. It offers a robust 220W of power, which is more than enough for even the serious vapers out there.  The coil resistance clocks in at between 0.1 and 3 ohms in normal mode, and .06 to 2 ohms when in temperature control mode.  When you are using the device in temperature control, the temp options are between 200 and 600 ° F.

For any who care about the aesthetics of their device – and let’s be perfectly honest; that’s all of us – this is one absolutely gorgeous device.  It’s slightly oblong, compact, and curved in all the right places. The battery door is placed sensibly on the bottom of the unit, and offers a hinged lock design that is very often being seen coming from manufacturers of mods from China these days. It’s got a matte black finish with brightly colored accents that give it a sporty look which most users will be only too happy to take out in public.

The OLED screen is fantastic. It offers you big, clear, easy-to-read information regarding the voltage, amps, ohms, mode, along with puff counts, as well as other detailed info about temperature, and so on. Each and every reading brings forth an accompanying label, so it’s super- easy to know exactly what you’re looking at. The screen is big, so you never have to squint.

Ok, so now you want to know if this device does what you want it to do and how well. Will it provide you with the power you need to get the vapor that you are looking for? Does its resistance flexibility and temperature control enable you to achieve those sub-ohm levels you wish in order to produce those huge clouds of vapor? Does the Smok Alien 220 work good enough to power its way through your favorite  e-juice while producing rich flavor that keeps you coming back for more?

The simple answers; yes, yes, and yes. There is absolutely no denying that these are very clear and exact examples of why so many vapers are rushing out and buying up this latest generation of high-power mods. With its quick firing, and a huge host of customized  temp and power levels, there is indeed so much positive to say about this product. It truly does work well with the most common coil types, it boasts an easy-to-navigate menu which allows you to modify your settings, and it’s simple enough to use that you need not be an advanced user to figure all things out.

This is one gorgeous and high-performing device that will provide every bit of power that most users will need to allow them to vape to their heart’s content. It is without a doubt one of the best box mods that is available on the market today.

With the Smok Alien kit you get the TFV8 Baby Beast tank. The Smok TFV8 sub-ohm tank was voted best of 2016. This is guaranteed the best tank in the business as far as I’m concerned.(and no, I wasn’t one of the voters) The TFV8 baby is simply a smaller version. It will provide you with all of the same features. It does however have a smaller e-liquid capacity.

Coils for the TFV8 Baby Beast currently are available in five different options which include the now famous Octuple coil heads. You can also get dual coils, quad coils and even a six coil atomizer. There is an RBA head and Smok RBA heads that are excellent for you to build on. You can of course use any tank on the Alien but I have to recommend getting the kit because you get the Baby Beast and it is arguably one of the best.

If you’ve picked up the new Smok Alien,  e-liquids from Halo would without a doubt be the perfect pairing for this device. There are several flavors that you can choose from which include Twisted Turnover, Tribeca, Kringle’s Curse, and Mystic Menthol. These premium  American- made e-liquids will surely stand-out and not disappoint. Halo e-juices are available at Cactus Vape for just AUD $24.95 (30 ml).