Top 3 Tank Brands for Flavor-Chasing Vapers

One of the best things about using electronic cigarettes is that you can choose from a wide range of e-juice flavors. Whatever unique taste you prefer, it is almost guaranteed that there is a product out there for you.

If you want to get the full flavor of your e-juice when you vape, there are many things to consider. One of them is your tank. The tank is perhaps the most important unit in e-cigarettes. It contains the atomizer that is responsible for converting e-juice into vapor. In some tanks, the tank and atomizer are fused together. This type of tank, which is very popular today, is known as a cartomizer. In other e-cigs, the tank and the atomizer are two separate components.

The atomizer has heated coils which are in contact with a wick soaked in the e-juice. When the coils are heated, vapor is created. With the growing interest in the quality of e-juice flavors produced when vaping, e-cigarette manufacturers have come up with different inventions including sub ohm tanks, adjustable airflow design, as well as adjustable temperature.

If you visit any vape store, you are likely to find numerous tanks to pick from. Some brands stand out in the market for their ability to expertly combine the features needed for full-flavor vaping. The following is a list of the top three tank brands in 2017

Uwell tanks are rated highly on several vaping forums. Uwell has several tanks, but its Crown line appears to be the best. The Uwell Crown 3 is the company’s latest tank. Previously released Uwell Crown tanks include the Uwell Crown, Uwell Crown Mini, and Uwell Crown II.The Uwell Crown 3 comes with a tank that can hold up to 5ml of juice. This is an improvement from its predecessors. Like other Uwell tanks, the Crown 3 is made from stainless steel and quartz glass. The sub ohm tank has a parallel coil along with a chimney design that is said to improve the richness of the e-liquid flavor. The Uwell Crown 3 comes in different colors and can be refilled easily. This tank is priced at $29.

Another brand that is known for creating tanks which produce strong flavor is Aspire. Aspire has several tank series. However, the ones that stand out are the Aspire Triton series, the Aspire Atlantis series, the Aspire Cleito series, and the Aspire Nautilus series. The company recently released new versions of its Atlantis, Nautilus, and Cleito tanks.

The Aspire Cleito is top-rated when it comes to flavor. The latest in the Cleito series – the Aspire Cleito EXO tank – has an improved airflow design. It also comes with a chimney that prevents leaks and enhances the flavor of the vapor produced. The price of this tank starts at $26.

Sense Herakles tanks are worth considering if flavor is your thing. Many people who use them have testified that they produce vapor with rich flavor. Although Sense has many tanks, its Herakles line stands out from the lot. Sense Herakles tanks include the Herakles RTA-2, Herakles RTAmini, Herakles RTA-4, Herakles Weirdo, and Herakles V2 tank.

The Sense Herakles V2 is one of the latest in the series. It was released last year. The sub ohm tank not only produces rich flavor but also lots of vapor. It has a tank capacity of 2ml with adjustable airflow ports and a simple refilling system. The tank is priced at about $24.99.

Besides the type of tank you use, there are also other things to consider if you are a flavor-chasing vaper. You should use e-juices made with propylene glycol (PG) instead of vegetable glycerin (VG). The former tends to allow the flavor of e-liquids to stand out more. Also, do not open the airflow ports on your tank too wide. This would ensure that the vapor produced is not diluted with too much air and the flavor is intact.

The underlining thing to keep in mind as a vaper is that you need to keep experimenting until you find the product that fits your needs. Happy vaping!