Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo E-Liquids Review

Can you imagine what it would be like to vape milk with vanilla and almond flavor? Moo E-Liquids hit the bull’s eye with this one. The company’s Vanilla Almond Milk e-juice blend is simply delicious.

There is a certain creaminess to it, and the flavor is present from when you take a hit to when you exhale vapor. It even lingers in your mouth for a while. This is the sort of e-liquid to go for if you are tired of having too many sweet-smelling, fruity mixes.

The taste of this e-liquid is quite complex. The ingredients blend almost perfectly. However, the vanilla and milk flavor are very prominent in the taste of Vanilla Almond Milk. The almond nut is more subtle. While it has a throat hit, the e-juice is absolutely smooth. There is no harshness to it. The creamy nature of this e-liquid compliments the thick clouds it produces and makes vaping it simply blissful.

There are many milk-based e-juices on the market,  but Vanilla Almond Milk stands out from the lot for several reasons. Unlike other e-liquids that you struggle to sense the milk flavor, the vanilla and almond in the mix really accentuate the milk. While the vanilla flavor is stronger when you inhale, you start to get the almond as you exhale. Overall, the vanilla flavor is not too heavy compared to some other e-liquids on the market. It is safe to say Moo E-Liquid’s Vanilla Almond Milk has a balanced taste. The moment you take the lid off the bottle, you would catch a delicious smell of milk, vanilla, and almond.

You can get Vanilla Almond with absolutely no nicotine. The e-juice is also available with 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This means you can choose how you want to enjoy this e-liquid. Vanilla Almond is comparatively mid-priced. You can get 60mL of this e-juice for $24.99. For 120mL, you would have to pay $44.99. The price is not too high if you consider that this is a top-shelf product. This e-juice can be found in many popular online vape shops.

Vanilla Almond Milk is a MAX vegetable glycerin (VG) blend. It is made up of 70 percent VG and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). As you would expect, cloud production with this e-liquid is fantastic. And while it is not rough on the throat, you still get a nice throat hit. It also has a pretty decent throat hit at 3mg. At 6mg, the throat hit should be stronger.

Vanilla Almond Milk by Moo E-Liquid comes in a very cool bottle that has a cow-inspired black and white lid. There is also a cartoon-like drawing of a cow on the bottle, and has some writing in gold. While the design is simple, it is really elegant.

Moo E-Liquids is based in Buena Park, California. The company, which was launched in December 2015, has carved a niche for itself in the market with its milk blend of e-juices. In addition to Vanilla Almond Milk, the company also has some other good milk-based e-juice flavors like Banana Milk, Blueberry Milk, Strawberry Milk and a few others. Many vapers have noted that Moo E-Liquid products taste very much like there is fresh milk in them. Vanilla Almond is no exception to this. It is one of those e-liquids that the description of the product matches its taste with stunning accuracy; vaping it is just like having a cup of vanilla-flavored almond milk.

Vanilla Almond will have you producing lots of milky clouds. If you enjoy drinking milk, you need to do yourself a favor and try out this e-juice.