Vaping is Fast Becoming a Lifestyle

There used to be a time when smoking was trendy. That was long before its harmful effects on the human body was known. Currently, vaping is fast replacing smoking and is becoming a lifestyle choice for many.

Vaping seems to make a more positive statement than smoking a cigarette. The consensus is that smoking brings all types of health issue, but people do not readily associate vaping with health problems. Instead, when someone is vaping, it is mostly assumed that the person is trying to quit cigarettes or simply pass the time.

Even if vaping is quite new, it’s already being seen as a lifestyle. The increasing popularity of vaping is the result of two factors.

1) It is widely being adopted by ex-smokers as a means of quitting cigarettes.

2) celebrities are fuelling the popularity of electronic cigarettes by using it.

Recently, celebrities such as Katy Perry, Johnny Deep, and Charlie Sheen have been seen in seen vaping in public. Leonardo DiCaprio also has gotten into the act. The increasing number of celebrities using e-cigs in public indicates that vaping is a “cool” thing.

Many people are also more inclined to vaping because they find acceptance in several public places where regular cigarettes are not allowed.

The fact that vaping is becoming a  fad also has much to do with how electronic cigarettes are being marketed. E-cigs are being portrayed as interesting, exciting, and edgy products.

For decades, companies have been exploiting an effective marketing strategy which gets consumers to buy into a lifestyle, not just a product. In the past, companies achieved this by placing images and slogans on very large billboards. Today, social media platforms appear to be the preferred platform.

One particular social media platform, Instagram, is widely used for selling lifestyles. Celebrities are highly favored by companies for selling a lifestyle. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio sent a powerful message to fans when spotted with a vaping device at the Golden Globe Awards.

The vaping industry uses Instagram widely to promote its products. While electronic cigarettes were initially seen as a way to get people off smoking, a culture has been created around the products.

There are several signs that can indicate that a person is into the vaping lifestyle;

  • Being enthusiastic and reading about the latest in the vaping industry at websites such as Soupwire.
  • You may forget some items such as your phone, your wallet, etc., but never forget your e-cigarettes. It’s seems to be everywhere you are.
  • You have a very large stock of e-liquid flavors, and you can’t wait to get the latest e-liquids on the market.
  • You cannot spend a single day without vaping.
  • You’re part of different vaping communities. You might even give your e-cig names and personalities.
  • You cannot imagine being without an electronic cigarette.

Among all the different types of vapers, ex-smokers seem to be the most likely to buy into the vaping lifestyle. By switching to vaping, they can get continue to enjoy the same sensation without the health risks and social stigma attached. The attractiveness of the vaping lifestyle culture will give vapers a reason to quit on tobacco sticks.

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