Vaporesso Revenger X Review

The initial Revenger was a decent mod but it was not perfect. In the last year or two, with its newer, more effective vape mods, Vaporesso has stepped up their game. The Vaporesso Revenger X is one of the best product launches, with 220W the package looks like fantasy, and vapers like it. I still believe it is the best vape for heavy smokers. If you have not considered buying a Vaporesso mod, then the Vaporesso Revenger X will make you think twice.

The screen and menus have not changed at first glance, but closer inspection finds Vaporesso updating the Omni chipset and removing several of the extra steps in the menu system. To new users who may turn to the Revenger X as their first advanced mod, changing settings and modifying wattage/temperature is now a breeze, and much more intuitive.

Design and Material

The Revenger X is a rather curvy device that easily fits into your hand’s palm. The display is big as a touchscreen, and this takes up much of its body. It has a cool look, but I am worried that such a large touch-screen might be prone to break in case it drops. One of the material’s main issues is fingerprints which are annoying to many people, including me. Scratches could happen to the mod unless you take very good care of it.

The Revenger X comes with an immersive and more interactive look and is available in 5 colors: black, red, green, blue, and a multi-colored variant that can be compared to the rainbow. All metallic colors. I usually prefer a matte color, but with the touchscreen, it gives it an advanced look, like something from the future.

The tank plugs right into the body’s core which is a good feature because it allows for larger tanks. It also makes the whole thing looks only a little symmetrical, for anyone with an aesthetics eye.

NRG Tank and Coil

The Vaporesso Revenger X Kit is mostly compared to the Vaporesso NRG Tank which is similar to the original Revenger Kit. It has a Delrin 810 Drip tip which is user-friendly. The box also features a 510 drip tip adapter. For the NRG tank, you can use your 510 drip tips too. More convenient is the top-filling method with a sliding top limit. The wide bore and short chimney are screwed into the top of the coil head, bringing the flavor to you. The two air slots are located along the base of the exterior.

Both the GT4 and GT8 coils are rated with 0.15-ohm resistance but feature different structures. The GT4 is a two-high, quad-coil. The GT8 coils s an octo coil, four-high stacked. The NRG Tank with the coils gives you evident resistance to the DL draw.

The price for the Vaporesso Revenger X is $93.90 at I think the price matches the features of the device and hence it worth a purchase.

It is interesting to know that, Vaporesso seems to be listening to their customer base because they corrected a lot of things on this mod that was wrong with the original Revenger kit. Big props for taking the constructive criticism of the original Revenger kit and improving it in the new release. Great job Vaporesso.