Vapors Anonymous’ The Sponsor E-Juice Review

E-liquids that contain strawberry and candy flavor always get my attention. So, I am excited to review The Sponsor by Vapors Anonymous.

I have tried different strawberry candy e-liquids, but I can only count the flavors that I like on one hand. Some e-liquid makers have mastered the art of creating authentic e-juices that they almost taste like the real thing.


“The Sponsor is a juicy pink strawberry chewy candy that will have you drooling with excitement! It’s sure to become everyone’s new favorite candy flavor!”


To be honest, I used to dislike candy e-liquids. But soon I realized that vaping candy e-liquids can be so much fun. This e-liquid took me down memory lane. It tastes like the kind of vape juice I used to enjoy during my childhood. It is funny that I can still remember its taste.

When you remove the cap off the bottle, the smell that will welcome you is what I expected it to be. I picked the aroma of a strawberry chewy candy. It is like a strawberry-flavored Fruitella or Starburst candy.

Now, when you vape it, the taste is spot-on. And guess what? It is not harsh at all. It has a nice fruity flavor with a light strawberry candy taste.

I was expecting the flavor of this e-juice to be very strong. But I appreciate how Vape Craft Inc. kept the flavor intensity at a tolerable level. This vape juice will suit vapers who are not fans of candy e-juices but want to try something that is not overwhelming.


The Sponsor is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. This vape juice will give you humongous clouds of vapor and rich flavor.


The throat hit that you will get from this blend is smooth. Although this is a candy e-juice, it is not too sweet. The throat hit is just enough to let you know it is there. I did not experience any fits of coughing or spluttering.


A 60-mL bottle of The Sponsor is up for grabs at the VapeCraftInc online store for as low as $22.99 only. It comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. The bottle is designed to enable you to refill your tank without any stress. There is a pink label on the bottle which features the Vapors Anonymous logo and all the usual information such as the flavor name, bottle size, nicotine level, VG/PG ratio, and more.

Although this e-juice is quite sweet, it is coil friendly as well. I vaped it for a week, and my coil was not gunked up.


The Sponsor by Vapors Anonymous has everything you want in an e-juice.

I highly recommend that you explore this line more. Vapors Anonymous contains some of the best new fruit flavors on the market. I have tried some, and they are really impressive.

Milk of the Gods, Relapse, Twelve Steps, and Vapeaholic are all available in 60-mL bottles for the same price.