Veppo Electronic Cigar – 5 Pack

Veppo Electronic Cigar 5 Pack IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MOMENT. The late nights in the office. The evenings before a big launch. The celebration after a big win. Each 1200 mAh rechargeable electronic cigar battery comes with a built-in USB charger

•  Replaceable cartomizers that eliminate leaking by combining the atomizer and cartridge.

•  SAME BUT DIFFERENT. If you enjoy our Veppo disposable e-cigar, youll notice a few differences between those and the rechargeable. The biggest difference that matters is tip or mouthpiece of the e-cigar. The disposable e-cigar has a chewable tip. The rechargeable does not. If you enjoy the chewable tipthey suggest you order a 5 pack of disposable e-cigar and chew all you want.

•  Cartomizers will last up to 900 draws. Three Cartomizers are included in the kit.